Mosaic Cotton

Mosaic is a fabric from the pages of legend. It boasts a robust self-textured fabric, weaved with America Su-pima cotton. Light and airy, this is the premier choice for an evergreen summer season.


  • Ash Gray
  • Brown
  • Charcoal
  • D-Fawn
  • D-Grey
  • D-Purple
  • Fawn
  • Ferozi
  • L-Charcoal
  • L-Green
  • L-Grey
  • L-Purple
  • M-Purple
  • Metallic Gray
  • Purple
  • Royal Blue
  • Sea blue
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Ash Gray, Brown, Charcoal, D-Fawn, D-Grey, D-Purple, Fawn, Ferozi, L-Charcoal, L-Green, L-Grey, L-Purple, M-Purple, Metallic Gray, Purple, Royal Blue, Sea blue